Visits and Pickup

Visiting Your Puppy

We allow people to visit our home and dogs and encourage you to do so. Everyone has a right to see where their beloved companion is coming from. We have a visitation area in our office located in the large green building adjacent to our home. Please park by green building, parking is marked. We try to watch for people driving up, but if you do not see anyone call 812-630-5099. We will bring any puppies and parent dogs into the office to meet you. There are large windows for you to view the adults and their housing. To control diseases we do not allow people to walk around inside the housing area, maternity ward, or puppy building. Anywhere people walk requires us to sanitize after you leave. Puppies start their immunization shots at six weeks old, followed by nine weeks, and their third and final puppy immunization vaccination at twelve weeks old. Puppies are not fully protected from viruses until one week after their last vaccination. Keep in mind when you take puppy home at eight weeks old you need to hold the puppy the entire time at the Veterinarian’s office, except when the Vet is examining the puppy of course. Keep your puppy in your own yard or designated potty area until one week after the three vaccinations. Puppies do not need to go for walks until they are four months old. Playing with toys and people is enough exercise. Long walks can start at seven months old. Running and hiking at one year old after bones and muscle are fully developed.

Visitation is by appointment only as this is our home not a pet store. Bev stays home full-time with the dogs and puppies and will gladly be available to show off the puppies and dogs. Visitation is available weekdays from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Sunday is our time with family, friends, and relaxing. Please limit your visit to less than one hour; puppies usually need a nap after 45 minutes of activity. Please try to arrive as close to appointment time as possible and notify us if you will be more than 15 minutes late.

Picking Up Your Puppy

You may pay for your puppy when taking it home if it is under 9 weeks old.  I allow puppies to stay here until 11 weeks old at no additional charge.  I email Quick Book invoices out around 6-7 weeks old. If you prefer to pay by credit card I suggest paying the Quick Books invoice, then when you are taking your puppy home we can focus on puppy information.  My wifi is very week and sometimes it takes 20-30 minutes to get a good connection to run a credit card. If you wish to pay by check, please pay at picking time or by 6 weeks old, so the check has time to clear the bank before puppy goes home. You are welcome to pay cash at anytime. Indiana residents and those people taking possession of their puppy in Indiana pay 7% sales tax. Personal check only if there is a full two week time frame before the puppy is going home; I am not a fan of cashier checks as someone has given me a fake one before.  Credit Card is better.  I warn you my credit machine here is dependent on a good wifi signal and I will have to leave you in my Visitation Room and walk around my house for a good wifi signal. The best process to follow if using a credit card is to pay on the Quick Books invoice I email you prior to picking up the puppy.


For preparation a supply list is below.

Don’t forget to order your puppy the NuVet Plus Wafers to extend the length of your pup’s warranty and use as training treats; which is tracked through Hilltop Pups’ tracking number at

It’s almost time for your puppy to come home, and there are so many things to get! Are you ready? Before your pup arrives. 

Puppy Essentials:

-      Sample of top-quality puppy food, TLC Whole Life Natural Puppy Food provides holistic. Available at:

-      Food and Water Bowls

-     Slicker Brush with wire bristles.  There are great videos on brushing Goldendoodles on You Tube.

-      Crate: You’ll want a crate that your puppy can grow into; we prefer the black wire crates   that have a moveable divider wall.

-      Poop Bags for cleaning up after your pup on a walk

-      Flea and Tick repellent (check with your vet about recommended the necessity, brands and options)

-     Chew Toys:  a necessity while your pup is teething at about 4 months old

-     Puppy Shampoo:  Read labels as some types cannot be used on puppies less than 4 months old. I like using conditioners as well.

-      Floor or carpet cleaner in case of accidents (we recommend Nature’s Miracle)

-     Variety of toys: Your puppy may prefer soft toys, hard chew toys, or even dog puzzles. Test out different options and see what your pup enjoys

-      Doggy Seatbelt – to keep your pup safe during car rides

-       Pee Pads – if your pup will be spending a lot of time indoors, pee pads will be particularly helpful while they’re still potty training

-      Child gates / dog gates – useful if there are particular areas of the house not ready for puppy exploration.