Puppy Practices

We start training our puppies the day they’re born, though there is only so much that they can be expected to learn by 8 weeks of age. What can be expected and at what age is detailed below.

One to Three Weeks Old

The puppies spend most of their days laying around and drinking from mom, and mom cleans up after them. They cannot potty on their own until three weeks of age and depend on mom to lick their bottoms to stimulate them to potty. During this time, the puppies are being trained daily with the Early Stimulation Process, which gets them used to being held on their backs and touched all over. The floor of the litter’s whelping nest is heated to 98 degrees because the puppies cannot sustain their own body heat until three weeks of age.

Three Weeks Old

At three weeks old, the puppies begin to walk, play, and discover their nursery area.

Four Weeks Old

At four weeks old, the puppies’ teeth are starting to develop enough that they can start drinking water and eating dry kibble which is TLC Whole Life Natural Puppy Food. Available at: https://tlcpetfood.com/nutrition/hilltoppupsllc

Five Weeks Old

At five weeks old, the puppies are preparing to leave mom; they depend less on mom and more on people for attention, water, and food. To help stimulate and socialize the puppies, the radio is kept on, so the puppies become accustomed to different sounds, and friends and family members of all ages visit with them, we also have a Puppy Desensitizing CD that has sounds of babies crying, sirens, doorbells, etc. so the puppies here all these sounds in a safe environment. The puppies start to learn the sit command and have their microchips implanted at this age.

Six Weeks Old

At six weeks old, the puppies have been weaned from their mother and are eating on their own. They learn to potty on shredded paper, which will make the transition to going on grass effortless. By this point, the puppies have a full understanding of the sit command and are instructed to sit when they try to jump on us. The puppies also receive their first round of vaccinations at this age. Puppies are evaluated by Veterinarian at Jasper Pet Clinic 812-482-5711.

Seven Weeks Old

At seven weeks old, the puppies are learning to sit beside us for attention. Their stool is somewhat solid, and you can expect them to stay inside for about 45 minutes before searching for a potty spot. Now that they’re vaccinated, the puppies are allowed outside in the grass to play and socialize.

We keep bells on the doors of the office and grooming rooms, so the puppies learn that the sound of the bell means someone is going in or out. A bell is sent home with each pup to assist with potty training.

Eight Weeks and Older

At eight weeks old, the puppies go home with their owners. Owners are expected to continue training their puppies, as stipulated in the Health Warranty and Purchase Agreement. Training not only helps create well-behaved family companions, but also serves as an important bonding mechanism for the puppies and their owners. First-time puppy owners should be aware of normal puppy behaviors such as chewing, nipping, jumping, running, barking, and periods of high energy. These behaviors should never be considered a fault; with the maturity of the pups (around seven months old) and proper training, patience, and commitment from their owners, these undesirable behaviors will pass.