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Multi Gen English Goldendoodle
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Of Skittles and Twizzlers ancestors Noah, Simon, Blanche, Titan and Suzie were all my dogs and Pandora was born here and sold to a breeder.  Skittles and Twizzler were born at another Breeder and I bought the puppies back so I could retain their bloodlines as I had since then retired Simon and wanted his bloodline back, Simon was so sweet I missed him.  It is so hard to find small poodles with the sweet calm demeanor retained from the standard poodle genes. Noah is still breeding here so you can find all his health testing on line.  Both Noah and Chewbacca are over 9 years old and still breeding here because they are the healthiest and best dogs I have ever meet.  I attached Blanche and Simon's dna tests, she had an eye cerf plus all ofa, plus pictures.  Simon is a poodle and Blanche is the Goldendoodle on the sofa.   I attached Titan and Suzie pictures as well.  Titan is a Russian import and still healthy and doing well in his retirement home at ten years old.  

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