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Red Irish Goldendoodles
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Goldy is our first Irish Goldendoodle.  We created the breed by breeding an Irish Setter with a Golden Retriever for the dark red color gene.  Irish Setters do not carry the color fading gene that Poodles do.  The goal for Irish Goldendoodles is to retain their dark red color. Goldy's parents are Bessie a half Irish Setter - half Golden Retriever breed to our retired dark red poodle Winston.  The Irish Goldendoodles have the same wonderful personality as our Goldendoodles do. In my first litters I was thinking maybe they would have more energy, but it is not the case.  Irish have the same wonderful sweet, loving, loyal, calm, personalities as my other puppies.  Therefore, we are excited to breed a few more litters of Irish Goldendoodles; Joplin, Stevie, and Kyra are all offspring from Bessie as well, but with Noah for the mini size.

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