Wrigley & Skipper - Micro to small petite 8-18 lbs.

Dam of Litter
Sire of Litter
Petite Size English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles 15-25 lbs.
Date of Birth
Pick Date
In Person Take Home Date
Colors of Puppies
gold to dark red colors
Expected Weight of Female Puppies
8lbs. - 18lbs.
Expected Weight of Male Puppies
12lbs. - 25lbs.
More Information

Micro (Also Known As Toy, Teacup, Or Petite) - Multi Gen English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. Sweet Wrigley is 4th Generation Hilltop Pups. Her pedigree includes our all stars of Candi & Chewbacca, Noah & Libby, Murphy & Paris.  Murphy is the original English Golden Retriever bloodline and Paris the poodle bloodline.  Candi, Chewbacca, and Noah are all around 18 lbs., with 3 generations of downsizing to 18 lbs. Skipper was born here to our little poodle Kaptain weighing 4 lbs., so sweet and loves to be held.  

This litter is Non-shedding and Allergy friendly.

Price of Puppies
Reservation List
AVAILABLE - male - Watcher - estimated adult weight 15 lbs.
AVAILABLE - male - Wardell - estimated adult weight 18 lbs.
AVAILABLE - male - Welsh - estimated adult weight 25 lbs.