Summary - Older Trained Puppies - adult size range 12 -15 lbs.

Micro Size English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles Under 15 lbs.
Multi Generation Goldendoodle
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All our puppies English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles from F1b generation and beyond, all born here at Hilltop Pups from completely health tested parent dogs.  All non-shedding and Hypo Allergenic guaranteed by DNA health testing the parent dog's coat types and pairing dogs correctly.  We have 22 years breeding experience of Goldendoodles, and my husband has a lifetime with show breeding cows and pigs with excellent pedigrees.  We provide detailed instructions on how to care for you puppy when you take them home.  Our older puppies are house, crate, and bell trained.  They just need to learn the process at your house and get familiar with your routine and the layout of your house.  Right now, they are all good with hanging out inside with us during the day and not going potty in our Visitation and Grooming Rooms.  There are bells hanging on the door and when they need to potty, they ring the bell. If it has been two hours since one wanted to go out, then we open the door and let them run. Living in the middle of 80 acres, we don't neighbor, the pups never run off.  Our Goldendoodle always want to stay by your side and be your companion, they don't run off and hide.  Our dogs don't like to go farther than they can see you, then they come back to you for what I call check-ins to see what you are doing. 

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Each puppy has an average weight prediction listed under their photo, plus parent dogs and date of birth.
All parent dog's health testing is available for viewing on the Sire and Dams page links.
House and crate trained.