Jewels & Rufus - Waiting List is Full

Dam of Litter
Sire of Litter
Petite Goldendoodles
Multi Gen English Goldendoodle
Date of Birth
Colors of Puppies
gold to red
Expected Weight of Female Puppies
13lbs. - 17lbs.
Expected Weight of Male Puppies
15lbs. - 19lbs.
More Information

Small Petite size multi generation.  Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.We are very excited to announce Rufus as our next Super Star Stud Boy.  He is very calm and sweet, Rufus is a great size, 14" tall at the withers and 14 lbs. with a 6 lb. father. Rufus' coat type is F/F and Jewels' coat type is F/IC, therefore all the puppies coat types in this litter will be F/F. This is the same DNA coat type of a poodle for the hypo allergenic non-shed factor. Sweet Jewels is 4th Generation Hilltop Pups. Her pedigree includes our all stars of Jazzy & Chewbacca, Simon & Polly, Murphy & Crystal.  Murphy is the original English Golden Retriever bloodline and Crystal the poodle bloodline.  Chewbacca, and Noah are all around 18 lbs., with 2 generations of downsizing to 18 lbs. and two generations around 30 lbs. Their puppies will be more of the small petite size  14 - 20 lbs.

Price of Puppies
Reservation List
1st Pick - Moore - female
2nd Pick - Mehringer - either
3rd Pick - Viktora - male
4th Pick - Fogarty - female
5th Pick - Fine - female
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