Bianca & Chewbacca - Mini Multi Gen ETB Goldendoodles

Dam of Litter
Sire of Litter
Miniature Goldendoodles
F2b English Goldendoodle
Date of Birth
Colors of Puppies
cream, gold, and red
Expected Weight of Female Puppies
18lbs. - 25lbs.
Expected Weight of Male Puppies
20lbs. - 28lbs.
More Information

Mini Size Multi Gen English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. Babs and Noah are the parents of Bianca, giving these puppies the big boned English teddy Bear appearance in a small size. this is an Third Generation Litter aka Multi Generation. The sire is many generations for HTP as well.  With Chewbacca as sire our All Star Sire.

Price of Puppies
Reservation List
1st pick - Higdon - female
2nd Pick - Nunley - female
3rd Pick - Open
4th Pick - Open
5th Pick - Open
6th Pick - Open
Litter Available on Abby's Site
Litter Available on Brittany's Site
Litter Coming Soon on Abby's Site
Litter Coming Soon on Brittany's Site