Bessie and Nacho - F1 Mini Irish Goldendoodles

Dam of Litter
Sire of Litter
Miniature Goldendoodles
Irish Doodle
Date of Birth
Colors of Puppies
blonde, gold, gold with white markings
Expected Weight of Female Puppies
24lbs. - 34lbs.
Expected Weight of Male Puppies
25lbs. - 38lbs.
More Information

Bessie is the mother of Kyra, Joplin, Stevie, and Abby's Dallas our beautiful Irish Goldendoodles that live with us.  We love them.  

Price of Puppies
My Daughter Abby's litter - visit or click below to go to her website.
Litter Available on Abby's Site
Litter Available on Brittany's Site
Litter Coming Soon on Abby's Site
Litter Coming Soon on Brittany's Site

Abby's Litter:

Please Visit Abby's Site to View The Litter:
Abby's Hilltop Pups Site