Queeny & Ruger - Waiting List Is Full

Dam of Litter
Sire of Litter
Miniature Goldendoodles
Multi Gen English Goldendoodle
Date of Birth
Colors of Puppies
Apricot, Red, and some with white abstract markings
Expected Weight of Female Puppies
25lbs. - 35lbs.
Expected Weight of Male Puppies
28lbs. - 38lbs.
More Information

Mini Size Multi Gen English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.  Ancestors for Queeny includes LaLa 38lbs., Chewbacca 18 lbs., Ginger 35 lbs, Murphy our EGR at 65 lbs.  With some larger dogs in the pedigree breed with Ruger at 25 lbs. Predicting the weight more 25-38 lbs.  Dark red with tuxedo marking a good possibility. These are also the best high quality bloodlines you will ever find. The Grandfather is Chewbacca is going on 11 years old.  I have searched the world over and truly found some of the healthiest, sweetest, and most intelligent dogs I have ever met.

Price of Puppies
Reservation List
1st Pick - Carr - male
2nd Pick - Ladesty -male
3rd Pick - Turner - female
4th Pick - Lake - either
5th Pick - Burch - male
6th Pick - Blem - either
List closed until Birth.
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