Older Euro Goldendoodle Puppies over 15 weeks started house training. Adult size range 7-15 lbs.

Micro Size English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles Under 15 lbs.
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Our older puppies are continuing g their training with sit command and good manners of sitting by your feet for attention verses jumping up on you.  They are all working on house/potty training.  During the day we bring the puppies in by groups to play in the connecting Visitor and Grooming rooms to play and socialize. We have a bell on a string hanging at puppy nose height for the puppies to ring if they need to go out to potty outside to potty. If within two hours the puppies have not rung the bell we take them outside, and then back to their kennels for a well-earned nap. When the weather permits, we leave the door open, so the puppies can freely run in and out; we live in the middle of 80 acres and with our training they stay within a radius of about 30 yards. We will be providing you with a lot of written information on how to raise our puppies, so they transition effortlessly to your routine and sleep quietly through the night.

All our puppies are born at our house. All our puppies are Hypo Allergenic and Non-Shedding, (except those listed on the flat coated page with were bred specifically for someone). All our parent dogs are fully health tested and temperament tested.   We provide proof of health testing on the Sires and Dams pages. Click on the Parent Dog you wish to view, click on any document to view, and download to keep with puppy’s record. Listed along the side of each Parent Dog are their stats, CKC registration, CKC Pedigree, and some personal history on them.

WHY DO SOME PUPPIES HAVE SHORT FUR? Some puppies have been groomed, like watcher for example.  He has been groomed and his lush long adult fur has grown in.  The Puppies fur starts looking sparse around 5 months old, due to the fact that the puppy fur stopped growing a while back, but the puppy has been growing quickly stretching out the puppy fur.  The soft lush adult fur is growing in and is about a 1/4 inch long.  We try to keep the puppy fur as long as possible, as some people prefer to see the longer coat.  People adopting can ask us to give their puppy a hair cut before going home if they prefer. 

Price of Puppies
Listed under each puppy's picture is it's date of birth and parents.