Size Ranges

Hilltop Pups English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle size ranges.

ETB Sizes Weight Range Height Range at withers
Micro   5 to 14 pounds  8 to 12 inches 
Petite 15 to 24 pounds 12 to 15 inches
Mini 25 to 38 pounds 14 to 17 inches

You will find that size categories vary by breeder and Goldendoodle websites, which gets complicated and confusing.  GANA the Goldendoodle Association of North American which I resigned as Vice President a few years back state there are only 3 categories Petite, Mini, Standard; as they state there is no such thing as anything smaller than a Petite. The originator of GANA claims to be the first breeder of Mini Goldendoodles, and they are sticking with that guideline. Some websites claim that any Goldendoodle under 30 lbs. is a Mini Size. I only breed with English Golden Retrievers, which are smaller than American Golden Retrievers, which keeps my size range smaller than others. The size range of the female English Golden Retrievers I have owned range from 44-55 lbs. and male 55-65 lbs. In my 20 years of breeding English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles I am finding a greater consistency with me size ranges creating a size consistency. The American Goldendoodle vary more as the American Golden Retrievers can reach up to 140 lbs.  or more. I am at the forefront of creating and perfecting the Micro Size (Also known as:  Teacup 3-8 lbs. or Toy 8-14 lbs.) and the Petite range 15-24 lbs.  Micro is then a huge classification of any puppy less that 14 lbs. Whether you call them Micro Goldendoodles, Micro Petite Goldendoodles, Toy Goldendoodles, Teacup Goldendoodles; they all have the same great personality as their larger Goldendoodle ancestors in a cute small little package. Here at Hilltop Pups we only breed Poodles and the English Golden Retrievers for their excellent health record with an average life span of 13-18 years.  Absolutely no other breeds mixed in to rush the downsizing.  Downsizing takes several generations by breeding in a smaller size poodle every 2 to 3 generations to retain the English Golden Retriever personality. Our smallest poodle here is 3 lbs.  Since Hilltop Pups team is creating and perfecting the smallest Goldendoodles along with the increasingly popular Irish English Goldendoodles; we have our own size range chart of the average sizes we have witnessed in the past 20 years of breeding. Until an organization such as AKC or CKC identifies Goldendoodles as an official breed, no organization can state what the size standards are as they vary so greatly with breeders breeding American or English Golden Retrievers, plus the range of poodle sizes from 2-80 lbs.  Although Goldendoodles are not considered a Purebred dog breed; it is still important to register your puppy with a reputable canine tracking organization. This will allow breeders to have the information necessary to make responsible breeding decisions. All of our English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles are CKC Registered. I am a official Preferred Breeder by the strict Breeding Standards set forth by CKC which has the best pedigrees for tracking ancestors for breeding purposes.  AKC will allow a Goldendoodle registered under their Canine Partners program, The Goldendoodle Association of North American has a registration and pedigree service, and I know there are many Designer Dog Registries, but I prefer one of the three largest reputable groups I listed. The Hilltop Pups prides itself on only breeding English Golden Retriever, Miniature or smaller poodles, and English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. The English lines create the Teddy Bear look. The English Golden Retrievers have short stocky legs and shorter body length, where as, American Golden Retrievers can have long bodies and are taller then the English.

We occasionally have litters in the F1 and F1b, sizes that are listed as Large Mini and can range up to 42 lbs.  Of which are labelled on their pages and in their descriptions.