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Epi-Pet K-9 Care Sunscreen
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Food and Water Dishes
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30" crate bedding deluxe
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30" crate bedding
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36" crate bedding deluxe
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36" crate bedding
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42" Crate Bedding Deluxe
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42" Crate Bedding
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Petite Goldendoodle Crate
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Mini and Medium Goldendoodle Crate
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Standard Size Goldendoodles
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I send the puppy home with a gift bag including: a blank with mother's scent on it, sample of food, collar/leash or harness, big toy, small toy, chew toy, poop bags, treats, sample of vitamins that I use as treats, puppy food measuring scoop, Instructions to register the puppy's microchip to you for free, 30 days free health insurance coverage, Vet chart to show your Veterinarian that your puppy is up-to-date on vaccinations along with our Veterinarian's inspection report of the puppy.

Food – TLC Whole Life Puppy FoodThe TLC difference – Must order on-line because the food is made fresh and delivered fresh. Produced in Canada up to high European Standards. If the highlighted link does not work, use this link: https://tlcpetfood.com/nutrition/hilltoppupsllc


 -      Food and Water Bowls

-     Slicker Brush with wire bristles.  There are great videos on brushing Goldendoodles on You Tube.

-      Crate: You’ll want a crate that your puppy can grow into; we prefer the black wire crates   that have a moveable divider wall.

      Recommended crates sizes:

            22” long for the Micro Petite Size Puppy

            24” long for the Petite Size Puppy

            30” long for Mini Size Pup

            36” long for Large Mini and Larger Size Puppy

-       Soft sided carry crate to go to the Vet and sleep in your bed with you the first few nights.

-      Poop Bags for cleaning up after your pup on a walk

-      Flea and Tick repellent (check with your vet about recommended the necessity, brands and options)

-     Chew Toys:  A necessity while your pup is teething at about 4 months old.

Here are a few bones I have tried: https://youtu.be/NxMsMgcTRoU

-     Puppy Shampoo:  Read labels as some types cannot be used on puppies less than 4 months old. I also, use canine conditioner.

-      Floor or carpet cleaner in case of accidents (we recommend Nature’s Miracle)

-     Variety of toys: Your puppy may prefer soft toys, hard chew toys, or even dog puzzles. Test out different options and see what your pup enjoys

-      Doggy Seatbelt – to keep your pup safe during car rides

-       Pee Pads – if your pup will be spending a lot of time indoors, pee pads will be particularly helpful while they are still potty training. It helps to remove all rugs and door mats from your home during house training, so he never has a chance to get his pee scent anywhere.

-      Child gates / dog gates – useful if there are areas of the house not ready for puppy exploration.

-      Soft Sided Carrier – to keep your pup safe during car rides. Also, I found it useful the first few nights to put the puppy in the carrier on the bed at night with you.  Puppy can sleep next to you or above your pillow, so you can hear them if they wake up. If your pup is too big for a soft sided crate, try putting his wood/plastic/metal crate on your nightstand or on chairs. If you want a good night sleep for the first week maybe two tops; then you want Recess in your bedroom at eye level, so he sees your eyes are closed, your breathing is table, and you are sleeping.  This is not for the rest of his life, just for a smooth transition to your home.  Right now, he is sleeping with litter mates, when he hears a noise and wakes during the night he is startled and looks around.  He sees everyone is still there, feels secure and safe, and falls back to sleep.  This is vital to his comfort, since he has just lost all his friends and litter mates.  He needs to feel that is still has you as well.  This will provide you and puppy with a good night’s sleep.  Then in a week or two you can try moving him to a different room if you want.  

-       Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bones for the puppy to chew on.  I like the 3-inch for the Micro Petite and 5-inch bones for Petite and Mini Pups.

- Don’t forget the sunscreen - Make sure when you are outside for long periods of time the dog has shade of sun protection such as a t-shirt.  These dogs are single coated, not double coated like breeds that shed, so they can get sun burned.  Think of it this way; if you are putting on sunscreen for your outing, then pup needs some as well. Amazon, Chey, Pet Smart, etc. Here is an Amazon link Control Click on K-9 Pet Screen

Helpful item for small pups to keep confined in one area is a Play Yard.  Control Click Amazon link: 8 Panel Exercise Yard

Micro Petites:  What I learned from my Micro in my house that weighs 6.6 lbs.; use a pee pad in the bedroom, because sometimes they can't make it through the night.  Put steps going up to the bed (if you want them sleeping with you).  They could probably make the jump, or they would try if the steps where not there; and injury themselves because they want to be by your side so badly.  They can jump on and off the sofa. I suggest feeding soft wet canned food twice a day for several months until your micro is 3-4 lbs. strong, because you want to make sure they stay hydrated.  Keep the hard food out for snacking during the day and water. I suggest for petite the small cups of food for convenience such as:  Health Extension Little Cups Chicken & Turkey Recipe Variety Pack Small Breed Grain-Free Wet Puppy Food, 3.5-oz, case of 12 that you can order on Chewy.com or Amazon.com, etc.   Control click here for Little Cups

Preparations for driving home with your new puppy. Seat protection, bring several bath towels which are great for pup to get accustomed to your home’s scent as well as protect your car seats. Bring a roll of paper towels that can be used in case of an accident and bags to dispose of the paper towels.  Wet wipes are great as well.  I will be sending many items that have Hilltop Pups' scent on them to comfort the puppy, such as blankets and stuffed animals.  You do not need to be concerned with getting your new pup a collar and what size to get.  I will be sending a collar/leash of some type along with the puppy.  I send a sample bag of food.  Bring a water dish, although most puppies are not interested in eating and drinking while on the road, part home sick and car sick making their belly upset.  Having some yogurt or a pup cup from Dairy Queen will ease their stomach.  The first sign of car sickness is excessive drooling; a sign to pullover and let pup on the ground to settle its stomach.  When letting puppy down on the ground on the drive home look for a grassy area that not many people would have been through.  I like grassy areas around shopping centers or restaurants.  Put collar/leash on pup. Paper towels. Bring a roll of paper towels that can be used in case of an accident.  If someone is not with you on the ride, put the puppy in a soft sided carrier and place carrier in passenger seat, so you can talk to puppy and watch for signs that pup needs a potty break.  If the puppy is sleeping keep driving, when puppy wakes it will need a potty break.  If the puppy becomes restless, standing up, turning around, and/or whimpering that is your sign that the puppy needs a potty break.  

Crate train the puppy during housebreaking. They wake up, you take them straight out to go potty, they have a little play time, you give them their meal, and then back to the crate for a nap, 2 hours later start all over again. This enforces training you and the pup WHERE the potty is, and it’s NOT all over the house. It also helps you both to keep on a schedule.  Sleeping puppy does not count as restful sleep.


You should crate your dog in the car, Why? Because it’s safe. Statistics show crated pets have a better survival rate in the event of an accident verses riding loose in the vehicle. There is nothing worse than the trauma of a pet escaping from an accident never to be found again, or the dog that suffers greatly from injuries sustained crashing around the inside of the car because he’s loose.  I found it helpful to buy a small soft sided carry crate for travel and this is what I do the soft sided pet carrier.  I put the puppy in the carrier at bedtime and put it above my pillow.  This way I get a good night’s sleep.   Do not use the soft sided carrier for a crate unsupervised and the puppy can chew its way out.

 Your Veterinarian Schedule: Puppy goes home with its Veterinarian Chart and health report.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to take the chart to the Vet with your puppy.  Hold your puppy at Veterinarian’s office, do not let its paws touch the floor or smell other dogs until fully vaccinated.   Your own dog is OK to encounter your new puppy, because you know it has been vaccinated. As per your warranty your puppy needs to be seen by your veterinarian within 3 workings days of you taking possession of your puppy. This ensures you have a healthy puppy before puppy can get into trouble and encounter a disease that would start to show within 3 days, so you know the disease did not come from HTP.

Puppies are vaccinated at 6, 9, and 12 weeks old with the routine puppy vaccinations required in your state.  Rabies vaccination date varies by state. In Indiana the youngest age they can receive the rabies vaccination is 16 weeks old.

We start training puppies at three days old using the Puppy Culture practice starting with Early Stimulation Training.  See what your puppy learns before you get the puppy home.  The first step in your puppy's future. https://youtu.be/ja6E4xa-6Hs 

The next step in your puppy's future is your training from the very first day your puppy enters your home.

Want to train your puppy from the convenience of your home as early as the day the puppy arrives home?  No waiting until your puppy is fully vaccinated to start training. Instantly save 25% using our unique discount code "HTP" Dog Training Homepage | Online | BAXTER & Bella



Trupanion Go Home Day Offer Overview

·         First month of coverage at no charge. $250 deductible for NY

·         Waived waiting periods! Coverage begins immediately upon activation.

·         No obligation offer! It’s truly peace of mind for the first month.

  • Coverage cancels after the end of the 30th day, unless you contact Trupanion for enrollment.

 New owners can enroll coverage the day before picking their new furry friend or within 24 hours of taking home the puppy to take advantage of the free 30 days coverage. Call 855-266-2156

***Use PROMO CODE: BR1HP62813, New York residents use promo code: BR2HP62813

Control Click here for a list of house medications safe to use on dogs!

Control Click here for list of poisonous plants for dogs!  Just to be safe move all house plants up out of puppy reach until they are out of the puppy stage around 7 months old.  I prefer to remove all rugs as well.  Never giving them a chance to soil a rug.  You can put them back down when pup is house trained and save your rugs.

When to change to adult food? At 7 months old their bones are finished growing, that's where all her nutrition has been going for those growing bones.  Now the nutrition will go to building muscle, then fat. 

Usually around 7 months old I start seeing their stool soften up, so on the 6–7-month range we start our dogs on adult food by mixing it half and half.  Sometimes they start eating more after the change, because they like the new food.  We put our dogs on Solid Gold, imported from Germany where they have strict breeding and dog guidelines.  I have a customer on their second set of American Golden Retrievers, and they are 14 years old and healthy.  Their first set lived to 14 and 15 years old and we were discussing their age and I reassured them that they must have done everything right because American Goldens live 8–11-year average.  The English life span is 13-18 years.  I have owned many American and I couldn't get any of them to pass all their health tests at one year old.  I asked where they adopted their Americans from and they said nowhere special, not a big breeder, didn't do any health testing. Just a back yard breeder, which again would bring their life span average down.  They said all of them never ate table scrapes and have only eaten Solid Gold.  It is available at Chewy.com.  My dogs like it.  

 PLEASE do send me updates on size, weight, and pictures.  This helps me assign future litters and predict weight sizes.  At 7 months old your pup is as tall as it will get and then gains a little fatter and muscle.

Welcome to the Hilltop Pups Family, 






NuVet Plus - Natural, Powerful Immune System Support!

NuVet Labs’ goal is to help increase your pet’s longevity and quality of life. NuVet Plus for Canines provides the very best human-grade, natural ingredients available, and utilizes the latest advances in medical, veterinary, and nutritional science. NuVet products help put pets on the “path to perfect health” and support their development through every stage in life.

NuVet Plus is all-natural with no artificial sweeteners or fillers; it’s made with real chicken liver.

NuVet Plus Reviews: My Story

I have been using NuVet Plus for seven years now and love the product for many reasons that’re too numerous to mention.  I first started using NuVet supplements with a dark red mother dog that had lost all of her color and was a dull shade of beige for many months after giving birth. Remarkably, within a month of giving her NuVet Plus, her color came back and she regained weight!

I do extensive health testing on my breeding dogs and believe NuVet is the reason my dogs stay extremely healthy and pass their health testing. Over the years I have had two female dog’s whose hips were OFA “Fair” at their 12 months preliminary testing, but after giving them NuVet Plus every day for a year, their hips improved to “Good” on their final, two-year OFA hip exam. This alone was a savings of thousands of dollars.

The best part about NuVet supplements is that my dogs love the taste and think they are treats! They get excited when they see the bottle and start licking their lips. I’ve tried other supplements, but the dogs know I am tricking them; they spit them out and leave them on the floor. In my opinion, if you are going to spend money on treats for your dogs, you might as well use NuVet Plus as treats; you can easily break them into four pieces for puppies as young as six weeks so as to make the treats last longer.

Why Choose NuVet Plus?

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  • Loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and more
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How Does NuVet Plus Work?

  • Combats free radicals and helps reduce the risk of many ailments that can strike your pet
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  • Protects against dangerous toxins and other harmful substances that pets encounter daily in the environment and in foods (many of which contain hormones, preservatives, meat by-products, pesticide residue, sugar, and allergens like corn and grain)
  • Helps beautify the skin and coat with natural omega fatty acids that are unavailable from most foods and supplements because they are destroyed through heat treating (cooking)

NuVet Plus Works for All Pet Stages

Puppies and Kittens Need to Develop

  • A Strong Immune System
  • A Healthy Heart, Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys
  • Healthy Nerves, Muscles, and Connective Tissue
  • Proper Vitamin and Antioxidant Intake
  • Complete Mineral Balance
  • Healthy Metabolism of Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates
  • A Strong Immune System

Senior Dogs and Cats Need to Sustain:

  • Proper Digestion
  • Energy Levels
  • Resistance to Disease
  • Healthy Joints and Mobility
  • Proper Organ and Nerve Function
  • A Strong Immune System

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