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Exceptional Goldendoodle Puppies

Welcome! We are Bev and Arnie Eckert, the owners and caregivers of Hilltop Pups. Since 2002, breeding English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles on our estate in Jasper, Indiana. USDA APHIS licensed at high standards. We are certified Excellent Breeder with Good Dog, Preferred Breeder with CKC, A+ with BBB, and approved Breeder for Service Dogs by the Paws 4 People Organization. We are listed as the 14th Best Breeder of any Breed in America at https://happydoggo.com/services/usa/dog-breeders/. We use our professional knowledge and experience along with the most current research to produce genetically sound puppies with loving personalities and exceptional coats. We use science to produce non-shedding hypoallergenic; we DNA test the coat types of all our parent dogs to all our puppies past the F! First Generation are non-shedding hypoallergenic.  We have invested 18 years of searching the world over through several continents to obtain the best dogs and continue to breed only the best of the best. We have travelled to many breeder conferences to learn the best techniques on breeding and advice on improving the breed.  Due to the high number of calls received you need to complete and application and make an appointment to speak to Bev Eckert, as I must understand your needs and wants to properly answer your questions. At Hilltop Pups you get the honor of choosing your puppy with our assistance of course.  We do not assign puppies to you.  We allow visitors, because we are proud of our establishment. Beware of Breeders not allowing you to visit and hiding behind Parvo to scare you off.  Google Earth those Breeders addresses and names. If you cannot find their name and address on their website immediately exit their website, they are hiding something such as arrest record for cruelty to animals.  There are as many good Breeders as Puppy Mills out there. Research Yelp, BBB, and Facebook for references.  My two daughters Abby and Brittany are breeding a few dogs at their houses and you can choose between any of our litters raised with the same excellent breeding practices. My three sons also house dogs for us; all there dogs are listed on my website, so we can link our websites together. I hear from my puppy parents time and time again how easy going their puppy is and friendly with everyone. This is due to all the loving care givers our dogs and puppies are with every single day. My Daughter Abby helps here during the mornings, Daughter Brittany in the afternoon, Husband Arnie after work and weekends, plus three Granddaughters ages 3-13 and I have them help me with puppy Early Stimulation training and play.  My puppies are meeting customers and other visitors as well.  This makes a huge difference in a puppy feeling comfortable around all types and ages of people.  If a puppy has been trained by only one person, say a lady; then the puppy may be fearful of a man or a child.  Thus, we create confident brave well adjusted puppies.  Luckily I have the sweetest husband that can't sit still and is always looking for something to do or something to clean up; due to his past of working full-time and running a farm that he has lived on since 4 years old.  Feel free to contact us via email (preferred) at hilltoppups@yahoo.com or phone with any questions that you have. We will make every effort to answer your questions promptly and truthfully!  During busy times, such as when there are several litters of puppies to care for or Mom in Labor, email is much easier.  The puppies are housed in a metal insulated AC/heated building and the phone reception is very weak to none; by the time I finish chores, playing and training puppies I need to take a break, rest, eat, sleep, take a shower, etc.  Plus with emails I may be able to answer questions more accurately with reading material, pictures for examples, etc.  Same with voice messages; they seem to pile up and I do not always get a chance to listen to them promptly, but I never miss an email. As of 12-29-20  due to Covid issues. We are only allowing puppy pick-ups in person until February. We will have plenty of pictures and video on the website at 5 weeks old to assist you in picking.  Rarely has anyone visited in person and change their puppy pick from what they had decided from pictures and video.  Plus, my input.

Follow down to the bottom of the page for litter summary update.

Due to the rising cost of everything this year we are faced with raising our prices effective 9-26-20:  Irish Goldendoodle and F1 ETB Goldendoodles are $3,000, F1b are now $3,200.  Multi Generation litters with our All Stars Chewbacca, Ruger, and Rufus are $3,200.  Offspring of Skipper and Sherriff are $3,400.  If you had your deposit in before 9-26-20 then the original price of the litter will be honored. 

Read all the way to the bottom for an availability summary !!! Also, you can search pages by size category, so you have less to look at. Once all spots are filled in a liter we will add a note in the header that the list is full or sold out.  Many Breeders, as in most, hide how many dogs they have and only list their dogs on their website when they are pregnant. I list all my dogs and their health tests click on any document to view it. If you do not adopt a puppy from me request proof of health documents and pedigrees before submitting that non-refundable deposit.  If a Breeder does not present documents up front, they never will. Some of the dogs listed on my website live with my two daughters and two sons. My two daughters work with me, live close by, and will someday take over my business.  It all starts with a dog loving family with 5 children;) When I travelled to Breeding Conferences I would meet many Breeders that I thought were reputable and had great websites and when I asked how many dogs they had they would say 50 or so.  It was heart breaking and I stopped going to Conferences and cancelled my membership to a top Breeder Group as all the officers were they ones shocking me and as for as learning anything it seemed I knew way more than anyone else.  With my background of Human Resource Management I know how to research and apply my knowledge in respect to Breeding Laws, better breeding practices, and making my business the best it can be from the treatment of my dogs to my customer service. Some Breeders pick your puppy for you, I post all liters and puppy pictures and videos weekly on my website, so YOU get to pick the exact puppy you want, with my guidance of course. 

The best process is to fill out an application so I know what you are looking for as sizes range from 8 to 38 lbs. from F1 to multi generation. If you are not familiar with all the terms and Goldendoodle breed I highly suggest you read the FAQ page filled with many of the questions most asked of me over the last 18 years.


Other than Goldy and Bessie all my dogs are now under 35 lbs. We have been rearranging our breeding program to standardize the look and temperament of the breed, so they can become AKC.  After 18 years of Breeding I know what I want my Goldendoodles to look like and I want our puppies to have a unique look, so when people see them they know they are Hilltop Pups' Dogs as well. We have kept only the best of the best dogs here for breeding, both in appearance and temperament. Thus, all HTP puppies have the best personalities and coat types you could ever find. They are all calm, sweet, loving, loyal, intelligent, companions that want to stay right by your side and follow you around, plus perfect looking Goldendoodle as well. We start all our puppies at 3 days old with Early Stimulation Training so any and ALL of them can be in the personality range of working class dog or perfect companion.


I have two bloodlines my English Goldendoodles that go back 5 to 6 generations born here at HTP and the Irish Goldendoodles.  The Irish Goldendoodle is breed back to my English Goldendoodles, so again look very similar.

All our dog's including Abby's, Brittany's, and Guardian home dogs are listed all our dogs on our website, as I don't hide how many dogs. All the health record documents are accessible to view on the Dam and Sire's pages, just click on any document to view and/or save for your records.  The size range of our dogs are 8 to 38 lbs. Most of our puppies are now F2b or multi Gen, just because I prefer the coat types as they get more predictable and 95% of the puppies all have the same look. For AKC to recognize Goldendoodles as an official they would need to be at least 5 generations down to have conformity. Our biggest goal is to maintain the health and longevity of this amazing breed as we work towards a healthy future for the Goldendoodle Breed. Continue reading to the bottom of this page for vital Goldendoodle Breeding techniques and what makes Hilltop Pups different from other breeders.


Moving past Covid-19 into phase one. First understand our visitation room is 10 by 10 feet, thus difficult for more than one family with extended family and neighborhood kids in tow to visit and adequately view and play with the puppies.  We schedule visits one hour apart at the top of each hour. After each visitor we disinfect everything that has been touched. Please be on time and/or wait outside if someone else is in the Visitation Room.  I am aware some of your are coming a great distance. Go to your car in advance and GPS our address, make sure your GPS is set for highways "not scenic route" as we live on the edge of a town and the GPS will take you through winding country roads. Then give yourself an extra half hour, as I prefer you be early than late running into the next appointment.  If you are not able to visit I take many videos of the puppies and if you have narrowed down your selection to two puppies; we can make you videos of just those two puppies. Rarely in the last 18 years has someone changed their mind when they got here and picked a different puppy than they fell in love with in the videos. 

Update 6-4-21 American Airlines has resumed puppy shipping when temperatures at any point in the flight including departure and destination,  must be below 85 degrees and above 32 degrees.  Which is a challenge through August here. Same for when it gets cold. If flights are not available it is your responsibility to get your puppy home to you. From November - March having a day when temperatures are above 32 degrees in the morning when most flights are is a challenge as well, along with the fact that a lot of flights are routed through Chicago as well.  United is the only airline that has a special holding area for live animals that is right behind the passenger section.  United has not resumed live animal shipping at this time and I do not know when or if they will. What I have learned with Covid the best transport way is Mary Vennekoetter, no matter is she drives or flies.  Mary is my best friend and only delivers for me.  So if she drives she is going directly to you and when she spends the night at a hotel, she brings the puppies in bed with her.  With transporting companies they may go on routes and pup stays in crate for a few days.  Puppies have had a lot less stress travelling with Mary rather than going cargo by themselves as well.   Louisville Kentucky airport is the closest at only 80 miles away.  Many people are choosing Delivery to your door via vehicle delivery service. Drivers are a good choice for getting your puppy to you safely as they know how to transport your puppy.  Every time you stop someplace to walk your puppy you are exposing them to dangerous diseases.  Transport companies are set up with kennels for puppy potty if necessary. Here are four reputable delivery companies I have been using for years; you contact the companies directly, arrange shipments with them, and pay them their shipping fee when they deliver the puppy to you.  Mary Vennekotter  812-604-3028, Eric Clark  765-759-9798, and Paul Garrett  765-749-4145. Flight Nanny Service contact Mary Vennekotter for cost 812-604-3028. Mary lives closer to the Indianapolis airport; maybe check with her to see if she could drive the puppy to the Indianapolis airport for you rather that you renting a car and driving 2.5 to 3.0 to get here.  I can meet people at the Louisville Airport on Thursday mornings, if I do not have any puppies going home that I need to be at my house. I have 7 litters right now and can't see how I can leave my house for 4 hours. You may need to rent a car and drive here 1.5 hour drive.  Just remember when hiring outside companies; you must verify with the driver you are going to use their service and then notify me of your plans. For West Coast people possibly look around West Coast for Puppy Nanny Service, I have talked to Puppy Nanny people at the airports and many of them are able to get the cost down because they have family working for the airlines and get stand by flights at a significantly lower cost.  The earliest go home date for your puppy is listed on each litter page after the litter is born, giving you 8 weeks to plan travel. Inform the driver of the earliest date the puppy can leave, as they try to plan routes to delivery more than one puppy in a trip to keep the cost down for you. Mary Vennekotter is more flexible on scheduling as she only drives for me. Mary has been a personal friend of mine for 20 years and has a 13 year old Doodle from me. Just for reference NYC is a 12 hour drive here, so not horribly bad drive for someone to make and not bad for puppy at all as they sleep most of the time anyway as long as they feel secure and comfortable.  Mary loves East Coast deliveries, so she can stop by and visit her daughter in NYC. Chicago 5 hour drive.  Florida 14 hour drive. We live near Louisville Kentucky. We have many nice hotels within 2 miles of our house if you want to drive here and pick up puppy in the morning. It is worth the trip to see our wonderful establishment and dogs. God Bless everyone trying to make it through this incredibly difficult stressful time and I for one am glad my fur babies are here to keep me relaxed.


Training puppies starts at birth using the Puppy Culture practice starting with Early Stimulation Training.  Early Stimulation Training program is our highest priority which we start at 3 days old and once puppies are walking around we still hold them every day on their backs, talk to them to create eye contact, rub all over them to make grooming easier in the future.  We teach our puppies not to jump on people and to sit at your feet for attention.  Puppies are paper trained to go on shredded paper which feels just like grass, so house training is a breeze, or if you need to train on potty pads that is easy as well.

See what your puppy learns before you get the puppy home.  The first step in your puppy's future.

We also play a desensitization CD at least twice a day, so puppies become more comfortable with the sound of kids screaming/playing, thunderstorms, fireworks, traffic, doorbell, etc. 

The next step in your puppy's future is your training from the very first day your puppy enters your home.

     Want to train your puppy from the convenience of your home as early as the day the puppy arrives home?  No waiting until your puppy is fully vaccinated to start training. Instantly save 25% using our unique discount code "HTP" https://www.baxterandbella.com/
      Do you want your dog to be a Canine Good Citizen? After completing this course your puppy should qualify.  
      I highly suggest utilizing a puppy school and the best I have found is the online puppy school Baxter & Bella. They are very friendly, helpful, easy to understand, and encouraging; which motivates you to continue in your training adventure. They offer video lessons, plus one on one training question and answer sessions via video chat. This is a Lifetime Program with Members Only Access to training methods, materials, and other resources needed for Pet Parenting and beyond.
      To continue training where we left off I highly suggest you have the first unit completed before you get your puppy home.
We create the best puppy for you and you create the best Dog Ever!




VISITATION: We highly suggest you visit us.  We are proud of our establishment and have a Visitation Room which includes windows for you to view where our Adult Dogs are Housed.  We bring the puppies and adults to you to visit with them. For the safety of our dogs and puppies we do not allow you to walk through the facility, because we would need to disinfect everywhere you walked.  We have had this practice in place since the beginning of our breeding program and have never contacted any health concerns by doing so, beware of Breeders that do not allow you to visit hiding behind false statements.  Breeders walk everywhere in the world, shopping centers, gas station, Veterinarian Offices and then come home and walk around their kennels, just like anyone else.  So why shouldn't people visit?  I prefer puppies to get all the interactions they can with different people; you are providing valuable puppy training as well.

OUR LOCATION:  Downtown Louisville is one and half hour drive. Evansville is one-hour drive.  Downtown Indianapolis is a minimum 2 and half hour drive depending on traffic.   This is our house not a public shopping center.  We require appointments to visit as you do want to make sure we are home and want to be able to focus our attention on you and have adequate time to get to know you and interact with the puppies.  This is not a large place; the Visitation area can get crowded quickly if more than one family is visiting at a time.  Our visitation Room does have windows on two sides, so you can see where and how all our dogs are housed.  It is very important to stay as close to expected arrival time as possible, give yourself that extra half hour for traffic concerns.  We are on Eastern Time.   Jasper is an aesthetically pleasing clean town of 15,000 and always rated at the top of best places to live listings. https://www.14news.com/2019/01/07/jasper-named-among-us-best-cities-liv….  If you approach from 231 North from Indy or South from Evansville you will drive through town. If you are approaching from the east, Louisville direction your GPS may take you on the country tour past Patoka Lake which is beautiful to see, you will reach our house before getting into Jasper.

Creating the perfect Goldendoodle has been our mission from day one. It took a lot of research, traveling to Breeder Conferences, and enduring some lengthy Goldendoodle Breeder Circle meetings; not to mention the search around the world for the perfect most healthy English Goldendoodles (Russia) and poodles (Germany & Paris). The RKF Kennel Club of the UK has strict breeding requirements. For a puppy to be registered RKF the parent dogs must pass OFA and DNA testing, plus become a show champion to maintain conformity in the breed. How amazing it would be for AKC to do this, thus it is up to Breeders to commit to keeping their breed healthy going forward by health testing the parent dogs. Which believe me very few Breeders invest their money back into their dogs; so always demand copies of health testing prior to even submitting a deposit.  DO Not trust Breeders that say they will provide the documents when the puppy goes home; demand proof up front.  It is a nightmare to try to get paperwork from a Breeder after you have the puppy, because they do not have it. The Breeder is pulling on your emotions knowing you are getting attached to the puppy and then you are stuck with no proof that you have a healthy puppy that will live a long healthy life. Breeders never to rarely give you the correct documents after you have the puppy, learn from heart breaking experiences of having to re-home dogs that couldn't pass health screening. My research, commitment, and due diligence has paid off.  Here is the foundation for creating the perfect Teddy Bear Goldendoodle and how to build conformity into the Breed.

Here is a video of one of our Goldendoodles displaying his many talents:


The terms F1, F2B, etc. specify the generation of the Goldendoodle, as detailed below.

First Generation (F1) Goldendoodle: Golden Retriever + Poodle
First Generation Backcross (F1B) Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle + Poodle
Second Generation (F2) Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle + F1 Goldendoodle
Second Generation Backcross (F2B) Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle + F1B Goldendoodle or F1B Goldendoodle + F1B Goldendoodle

All further crossings are simply referred to as multi generational, or Multi Gen

  • The shed and allergy factor of a Goldendoodle can be different from Breeder to Breeder depending on the Coat Type their Goldendoodles have inherited. At Hilltop Pups we DNA test the coat type of all our dogs so we can create the most non-shedding hypoallergenic coat as possible.  When breeding a Goldendoodle to a Goldendoodle the parent dogs need to be DNA tested for "IC" Improper Coat, which determines the dogs shed factor.  If one of the Goldendoodles in the pairing is F/F gene carrier for Furnishing and the other is F/F or is a carrier for IC then none of the puppies will shed.   I have three males that are IC clear with F/F.  I follow this DNA rule when breeding to make sure my dogs are non-shedding.  No guess work involved here;) You can brush them and not even get hair to pull out.
  • Next we only breed with English Retrievers which produce a softer less shedding less matting coat than the coarser American Golden Retriever coats. Plus, you get boxy, compact, big boned Teddy Bear Features of the English Golden Retrievers.  The weight range of English Golden Retrievers that I have owned is 45-55 for female and 65-72 for males, although they look just and big and fluffier than the American Golden Retrievers.
  • Next we consider the color genetics behind the poodle:  Reds, browns, and cream colored poodles produce soft non-shedding coats.  White, Gray, and Black poodles produce shredders even in the curly dogs; thus they have been removed from Hilltop Pups breeding program. 
  • In 2017 we started breeding the Irish Goldendoodles. I am very pleased with what I have seen in the Irish Goldendoodles. The American Golden Retrievers are very unhealthy and have a life expectancy of 8-13 years with 80% of them having cancer by age 8.  Therefore I only breed English Golden Retrievers as their life expectancy is 11-18 years and very few ever have cancer. It takes a few generations to build the dark red poodle color back into the English Goldendoodles since the English Golden Retrievers are only white to cream.  For the Irish we started with breeding a health tested American Golden Retriever to a health tested Irish Setter to get the hybrid vigor and dark red color; then bred that with a health tested male poodle and then back to another health tested poodle creating the F1b Irish Goldendoodles to insure the hypo allergenic non-shed coats, plus get the dark red color and fabulous coats.

Advantages of adopting an English Goldendoodle from Hilltop Pups

  • Size range available 8 - 38 pounds
  • Predictable size ranges for F2b and multi Generations
  • Hypoallergenic if past the F1 (First generation, because we can DNA test the coat types for breeding.)
  • Decreased shedding in F1 and no shedding in further generations
  • Increased longevity average life expectancy 13 - 18 years
  • Parents have extensive health testing
  • Parent dogs come from long lines of health tested ancestors
  • Wonderful temperament
  • Intelligent and trainable
  • Excellent with children and animals
  • 100% lovable

Puppies cost between $2,800 and $3,400 and:

  • Dewclaws removed
  • Microchipped pre-paid lifetime membership with pet tracking service.
  • Fully Vaccinated for their age
  • Trained with Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Trained not to jump on people, but sit at your feet for attention
  • Paper potty trained
  • Pre-spoiled, loved, and well socialized

Puppies go home with:

  • A 2 year health guarantee; 4 years if you provide NuVet Vitamin Supplements
  • Microchipped with pre-paid membership enrollment form
  • CKC Registration Papers
  • Health record
  • Spay/neuter contract
  • Personalized Travel Bag
  • Door Bell
  • Blanket with mother's scent
  • Large stuffed animal
  • Small squeaky toy
  • Rope bone chew toy
  • Ball
  • Safety show lead (leash/collar combo), such as the ones used in Veterinarian Offices.
  • Sample of top quality puppy food most recommended by Veterinarians: "Eukanuba" Puppy Chicken Formula
  • Sample of NuVet Vitamins
  • 30 Days of free Health Insurance
  • Puppy care instructions
  • 24/7 lifetime support of the breeder
  • Available upon request is the online Goldendoodle book The Owners Guide from Puppy to Old Age, which includes how to care, groom, train, and understand your Goldendoodle By Alan Kenworthy

We air ship or we can provide excellent driver service recommendations!

Shipping is available in the continental USA for $550; recommended and very safe if done properly. 

  • You keep the shipping crate which includes Puppy's Blanket, food & water bowl, food package, and shredded paper for comfort and potty if necessary; so your puppy arrives fully rested and clean.
  • Health certificate from the veterinarian
  • We book the and email the flight instructions for picking up your puppy at your airport.
  • All toys and paperwork listed above will be mailed in advance to the New Puppy Parent.

Older pups and other locations may need to have the shipping rate adjusted.

Here is a video of a puppy that flew to Pennsylvania: You will need to copy and paste it and it is worth watching.  This family came back and adopted a second puppy from us two years later.


Here is a video of one of our puppies after an 8 hour flight to meet its new family, arriving clean, healthy, rested, and ready to great its new family:


Puppy Boot Camp

If you wish to have your puppy stay with a licensed professional dog trainer for a few weeks before going home to you, we can recommend a great local licensed professional trainer that will come to us and pick up your puppy for training.  She is independent of us and you will need to contact her for details and pricing. Contact me for her information.


Goldendoodle eBook

Please take a look at our featured Goldendoodle eBook available to you to download for free!  Bev assisted in writing the book and attributed pictures; thus obtaining the permission to use the book.

      Click image below!!!             


        Click image above!!!           



Timing:  Narrow down your search by clicking on "Available Now", "Coming Soon", and "Future Litters"

Choose your size range: "Micro" 8-14 lbs., "Petite" 15-24 lbs., and "Mini" 25 - 38 lbs.

Scroll to the bottom of each litter page. If these parent dogs have had a litter before there will be pictures of the past dogs and/or puppies they produced to give you an example of coat types and colors they produce.

Email me for the full list through Spring 2022.  hilltoppups@yahoo.com  Please complete an application first so I can shorten the list I send you by the size category you are looking for.  Application link: https://hilltoppups.com/form/adoption-application

Welcome to Hilltop Pups where we have invested 18 years of searching the world over through several continents to obtain the best dogs and only breed the best of the best. We have travelled Breeders Conferences to learn best techniques on breeding and advice on improving the Breed.  We have done all the homework, so you don’t have too. 

All our dogs are inspected by our Attending Veterinarian CHARLES R. JOHNSON , D.V.M. from Animal Medical Center 812-634-9752  http://www.amcofdc.com/

We do not have many ready for Christmas take home.  What people do is make a family event out of it as most of our litters are ready for pick date around Christmas.  So you can wrap puppy supplies and a picture of the litter page and then the whole family can come pick out their puppy.

#3 When the litters are born if there are more pups born than anticipated those people on the alternate lists will be contacted first.
Mini to Medium litters, some larger puppies can reach 45 lbs.
Cost Picks Due Date Weight Litter Names Spots are reserved by date of deposit.
$3,000.00 1 10/27/21 25-38 lbs. Casey & Ruger 8/1/21
  2   25-38 lbs. Casey & Ruger 8/4/21
  3   25-38 lbs. Casey & Ruger 9/3/21
  4   25-38 lbs. Casey & Ruger 9/7/21
  5   25-38 lbs. Casey & Ruger 9/12/21
  6   25-38 lbs. Casey & Ruger 10/13/21
$3,200.00 1 11/5/21 25-38 lbs. Queeny & Ruger 8/18/21
  2   25-38 lbs. Queeny & Ruger 7/8/21
  3   25-38 lbs. Queeny & Ruger 8/26/21
$3,200.00 1 11/11/21 25-38 lbs. Blitz & Ruger HTP Blitz to retire
  2   25-38 lbs. Blitz & Ruger 5/5/21
  3   25-38 lbs. Blitz & Ruger 8/4/21
$3,200.00 1 12/2/21 25-38 lbs. Amelia & Ruger  8/1/21
        Amelia & Ruger  10/30/21
$3,000.00 1 12/15/21 25-38 lbs. Joplin & Ruger 12/21/20
  2   25-38 lbs. Joplin & Ruger 1/30/21
  3   25-38 lbs. Joplin & Ruger 7/5/21
  4   25-38 lbs. Joplin & Ruger 10/19/21
$3,000.00 1 12/15/21 25-38 lbs. Stevie & Ruger  HTP
  2   25-38 lbs. Stevie & Ruger  7/1/21
  3   25-38 lbs. Stevie & Ruger  10/5/21
  4   25-38 lbs. Stevie & Ruger  10/23/21
  5   25-38 lbs. Stevie & Ruger  10/28/21
$3,200.00   1/10/21 35-45 lbs. Molly & Charlie 10/8/21
      35-45 lbs. Molly & Charlie 7/25/21
      35-45 lbs. Molly & Charlie 10/31/21
Petite litters:
Cost Picks Due Date Weight Litter Names Spots are reserved by date of deposit.
$3,000.00   12/9/21 18-32 lbs. Kyra & Rufus Breeder hold spot
      18-32 lbs. Kyra & Rufus Open - Petite Irish Goldendoodle
$3,200.00 1 10/29/21 14-22 lbs. Happy & Rufus 9/12/21
$3,200.00 1 11/7/21 14-22 lbs. Jewels & Rufus 8/1/21
$3,200.00 1 11/11/21 14-25 lbs. Betsy & Rufus 5/1/21
  2   14-25 lbs. Betsy & Rufus 5/15/21
  3   14-25 lbs. Betsy & Rufus 6/20/21
  4   14-25 lbs. Betsy & Rufus 7/5/21
  5   14-25 lbs. Betsy & Rufus 9/27/21
  6   14-25 lbs. Betsy & Rufus 10/23/21
$3,200.00 1 11/12/21 14-25 lbs. Maggie & Marshall 1/23/21
  2   14-25 lbs. Maggie & Marshall 8/3/21
  3   14-25 lbs. Maggie & Marshall 8/15/21
  4   14-25 lbs. Maggie & Marshall 11/14/20
$3,400.00 1 11/20/21 14-22 lbs. Mandy & Skipper 9/8/21
  2   14-22 lbs. Mandy & Skipper 9/25/21
  3   14-22 lbs. Mandy & Skipper  
$3,200.00 1 11/20/21 14-22 lbs. Snookie & Rufus female
  2   14-22 lbs. Snookie & Rufus 9/21/21
$3,200.00 1 11/28/21 14-22 lbs. Lena & Murray 10/19/21
$3,400.00 1 12/9/21 13-18 lbs. Cricket & Rufus HTP
  2   13-18 lbs. Cricket & Rufus 2/22/21
  3   13-18 lbs. Cricket & Rufus 3/15/21
  4   13-18 lbs. Cricket & Rufus 4/20/21
$3,200.00 1 12/24/21 14-22 lbs. Isabel & Rufus 2/5/21
  2   14-22 lbs. Isabel & Rufus 8/28/21
  3   14-22 lbs. Isabel & Rufus 10/10/21
$3,200.00 0 1/1/22 14-22 lbs. Corky & Rufus Open - Small Petite ETB Goldendoodle
Micro Petite litters:
Cost Picks Due Date Weight Litter Names Spots are reserved by date of deposit.
$3,600.00 1 12/12/21 8 - 15 lbs. Wrigley & Skipper 4/30/21
$3,400.00 1 12/21/21 8-14 lbs. Tori & Skipper 10/2/2021
  2   8-14 lbs. Tori & Skipper 1/18/21
$3,400.00 1 12/15/21 10-15 lbs. Jody & Rufus 10/1/21
$3,400.00 1 1/1/22 10-15 lbs. Layla & Skipper 3/6/21
  2     Layla & Skipper 3/15/21
  3     Layla & Skipper 3/15/21
  4     Layla & Skipper 10/630/21