When should I spay or neuter my puppy?

As per the Health Warranty and Purchase Agreement, the dog must be spayed or neutered by nine months of age.

My Veterinarian has the best saying, "You need to weigh the options that are best for you and deciding what is best for you and your dog." I can't think of a reason why I would not neuter at male dog at 9 months old if I was keeping it as a perfect pet.  Below are my reasons why I would neuter by 9 months old.  

At 7 months old the dogs is as tall as it is going to be; so the dogs has it hormones levels during the heavy bone growth stage.

At 7-8 months the male dogs will learn to lift his leg to pee; during his adolescent hormone stage.  If you neuter before he learns to lift his leg he will squat to pee the rest of his life.  If you neuter after he learns to lift his leg then it is a habit and he will continue to pee on things to mark his territory; furniture, bushes, etc.

At 7-8 months the male dogs during his adolescent hormone stage he will start to sniff out female dogs in heat which dogs can smell several miles away, thus you risk the male dog running off after the scent and being injured or lost, hit by a car, etc.

Females can go in heat at 8 months old and about a month before they go in heat they get uncontrollable. You will think you will never be able to train her.  thus, many people give up and re-home their dogs and you find many females young adult dogs in Shelters.  

We do not participate in Early Spay and Neuter procedures done at 8 weeks old on our puppies, because our experiences has been that it sets the pups’ weight gain back a week, which is not good during this rapid growth period. Keeping the puppies’ nutrition level up is a huge concern of ours, and we do not feel that young puppies have sufficient body weight to sustain lower levels of food consumption following the procedure. That being said, the research on early spaying and neutering has been inconclusive, so discuss the options with your vet and make the decision with which you’re most comfortable. Research shows puppies that were spayed or neutered early age have offset bone growth. Some have longer weaker legs than their breed standard.  Showing us that the dogs need their hormones for strong bone growth during their first 7 months.

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