What is the price range and size range?

Hilltop Pups only breeds English Teddy Bear Goldenoodles using their DNA coat typing to breed all our puppies for non-shedding and allergy friendly coat types, no guess work here.  Most of our dogs are from many generations born here, all with health testing including OFA, hips, elbows, cardiac, patella, and DNA testing for a full panel of diseases which can be eliminated through DNA testing. Plus, I can continue downsizing properly to maintain body proportions.  You want the body length from base of neck to base of tail to equal height from floor to the withers. The withers is the highest point of the dogs shoulder blades. As dogs get smaller they have smaller litters, for obvious reasons, smaller dog equals smaller litter size that they can carry. Plus, we only breed dogs with exceptional personalities that we like to have around; sweet, calm, loving, and service working capabilities. Training:  We start training our puppies at 3-days old, thus you are receiving two months of puppy training included in your price.  Making our puppies very easy for you to train and we will be sending training instructions home with you as well as a gift bag full of toys and their baby blanket scented with the familiar smells of their first home to make them comfortable. Taking all of this into consideration our prices are listed below; some litters may be priced differently and prices are listed on each litter page. English Golden Retrievers are bigger boned than American, yet they are shorter with more compact square bodies making them look more like a teddy bear with short snouts and the black pigment inherited from English around their eyes, lips, and their noses makes their features pop. English Golden Retrievers are far healthier than American and the life span is 13-18 years. American Golden Retriever life span is 8-11 years with 80% developing cancer by 8 years old.  Hilltop Pups strives to give you a healthy adorable companion for a very long time. My puppies want to be part of the family and want to be where you are.  If you are in the kitchen, then they want to be in the kitchen.  If you go to the family room, then they will follow you into the family room.  They think their job is to keep watch over you.  They are not a breed known to run off on you, because they will not go anywhere they can not see you. We added in an Irish English Goldendoodle Breeding line as well. Irish for that deep red color and English for their incredible health record. 

Prices start at $2,800.00 and go up based on the size of puppies.  Such as the little pocket puppies could be as much as $3,400.00 simply because there are less puppies in the litter.

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