What are the different coat types?

Goldendoodles have 4 main coat types: flat, straight, wavy, or curly. The flat coat is also called the “improper coat” type of a Golden Retriever which will shed.  These are the Coat Types of my Goldendoodles, per my DNA testing of the coat types.    This is not true of other Breeders that do not DNA test the coat type of the dogs they are Breeding and match them up correctly.

First generation (F1) coats:

  • Curly: no shedding; appropriate for severe allergies
  • Wavy: light shedding; appropriate for mild and some moderate allergies
  • Flat and straight coats: moderate shedding; appropriate for those wanting the look of a Golden Retriever with less shedding

First generation backcross (F1B) coats:

  • Curly: no shedding; appropriate for severe allergies
  • Wavy: no shedding; most appropriate for mild and moderate allergies

Multigeneration (F2, F2B, F3, F3B) coats:

  • Curly: no shedding and minimal grooming; appropriate for severe allergies
  • Wavy: no shedding and minimal grooming; appropriate for severe allergies

What sets Hilltop Pups apart from other breeders is DNA testing of the coat types of our Goldendoodles, thus any of the coats of our Goldendoodles past F1 geneartion will be non-shedding, because the parent dogs of our multi generation breeds have been DNA tested for the coat types. We only breed dogs with FURNISHING factor combinations OR F/F bred to F/F or F/IC bred to F/F; both produce the F/F and F/IC which mean they have Furnishings like a poodle.  So even the wavy to curly puppies do not shed:)  Most of the multi generation Goldendoodles have the thick shag "wavy" coats and a few may have curly coats, at the multi gen level the Goldendoodles all start looking more similar; a beautiful thick wavy to curly shag coat.  

Keeping that in mind to explain the IC/IC coat of the Golden Retrievers and most poodles have an F/F coat for the F1 = first generation being the wild card.  You could have 9 puppies in a litter and 3 different coat types with the odds being that 1/3 of the litter will shed.  So the further you are up on the pick list the better chance of getting the coat type you desire as some people do want the flat wavy coats as those are known as Comfort Retrievers a smaller less shedding version of the Golden Retriever.  Basically in the F1 you are not going to get a Goldendoodle that looks like a Golden Retriever and be non-shedding.  If I list a puppy as wavy it will shed.  Wavy to curly in the F1 category means it may or may not shed.  Curly in the F1 will not shed but there may only be one or two in the litter.  That is about the shortest explanation I can give on the genetic makeup of non-shed DNA testing; as I have went to seminars where a speaking can speak all day on the subject and have your head spinning. 

Example of Wavy Coat:  




Example of Curly Coat:





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