How to pick your puppy.

Ideally, you are working with an incredible breeder who knows these puppies well. They have observed them from the moment they were born and know the individual personalities & qualities of each one. In this case, I strongly recommend you let your breeder match your preferences with a puppy. Have an open conversation with your breeder about what you are looking for in a puppy and allow them to make the best suggestion for you. At Hilltop Pups you are welcome to visit and meet the puppies. So you don't feel a little alone in the decision making process, here’s what we suggest... As it is with most things in life, there are a handful of leading indicators you can specifically look for when choosing a puppy from a litter, which will help ensure a happier and healthier canine companion who will be easier to train and make for a better family pet. Begin by watching the puppies play together. You will want to choose the puppy that is both curious and friendly toward you. Also, watch for a puppy holding its ears high and wagging its tail... signs of a very happy puppy. Pick up each puppy, cradle it in your arms and look for the one who settles down quickly. All of them may struggle initially, but note those that calm down sooner than later. Avoid choosing the one that continues to struggle until you put it down, as well as the one that is shy towards being picked up in the first place. Sit on the floor, make noises, talk to the puppies and pay particular attention to the reactions of each of the puppies. Take special note of the ones that curiously go to investigate the cause of the noises and whom is talking. That’s a good thing. Handle each puppy from head to tail, spending particular attention to how they react when you play with their paws, their ears and their mouths. Comfortable puppies won’t mind at all and that’s a good thing. Moreover, healthier puppies will have cleaner eyes, ears, mouths and noses, brighter and shinier coats, gums and teeth. It’s a good idea to avoid puppies with discharge in their eyes or other dirty appearances. Similarly, sample test the vision and hearing one puppy at a time by clapping your hands and then rolling a tennis ball along the floor. Watch for each puppy’s reaction. Make sure puppy sees the ball and focuses on it before rolling it out a few feet; young puppies can't follow a ball thrown across the room yet.  Make sure you choose one who shows signs of hearing by responding appropriately to the clapping and follows the rolling ball with their eyes. Finally, after all of that, there are likely multiples to choose from, especially if you have a good breeder, so follow your heart and pick the one who will be that ideal canine companion for many years to come. After all, you’re going to be together for a very long time – so pick the one that you absolutely adore and definitely loves you back! If you are looking for a service quality puppy then take the above advice and add in the puppy with the most toy drive and treat driven.  We use NuVet vitamins and break each wafer into 6 pieces, so you can ask for treats to give the puppies.

If you can not visit the puppies in person, that's OK too.  If videos of the puppies are not posted on line request them.  If you narrow your choices in the litter down to between 2-3 puppies have the breeder make a video of those two or three separate so you can narrow down your choices.

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