How often do you breed a Dam?

English Golden Retrievers and their offspring do not have a dependable heat cycle like American Retrievers and Poodles which cycle every 6 months.  That is why most Breeders do not like to breed English Golden Retrievers, especially puppy mills as they like a Dam to produce a litter early 6 months.  English Golden Retrievers heat cycles range on average 7 to 12 months apart.  What I have seen is each dog develops its own cycle; one dog may cycle every 7 months and one ever 13 months. Thus, I like breeding the English Golden Retriever bloodlines, first and foremost for their exceptional health record and long life expectancy of 13-18 years, compared to 8-13 years for the American Golden Retrievers.  Also, my belief is the dog will cycle when its body is recovered from their last cycle, healthy, and ready to breed again.  I retire Moms early at 5 years old; adopting them out to their fur-ever homes.


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