How do you decide which health tests to perform on the parent dogs?

Health testing at Hilltop Pups is ongoing as new DNA tests become available. We prioritize breed-specific diseases, targeting those that cause early death (cancer, uncontrollable epilepsy, severe heart disease, swallowing disorders, and severe immune-mediated diseases such as autoimmune hemolytic anemia and muscular distrophy) and significant reductions in quality of life (moderate-to-severe elbow and hip dysplasia, moderate heart disease, progressive retinal atrophy, von Willebrand disease, osteochondritis dissecans, atopic dermatitis, severe ear infections, and lupus).  The world of DNA testing is developing quickly and we strive to keep up with new developments; Optimal Selection is our current go to testing facility as they test each dog for all canine diseases, just in case some breeder way back in the pedigree didn't fully disclose or didn't know the dog had a different breed mixed in, just because they register the dog full blooded doesn't mean another dog didn't sneak in as in the world of teacup and toy poodles; they all derived from Standard Poodles weighing an average of 55 lbs.   

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