Deciding between a male and a female?

Pros for a female - Cling to the person taking care of them and follow them around endlessly. Good for single people.

Pros for a male - Bounces from one person to another for attention.  Good for family with children.

I have seen the trend over the last 10 years that families are finding out that male dogs make the perfect companion, just need to be neutered before teenage hormones kick in at 8 months old and they will squat just like a girl and never learn to lift their to pee.

Children will beg for a puppy and promise they will take care of the puppy/dog and train it; because they see their friends adult dog that is already fully trained. In the child's mind they think its easy, just fill the food and water dish daily and that's it.  Thus, most of the care is still going to fall in the hand of an adult.  Most little girls are going to request a female puppy, because they don't like boys in general yet and believe a girl will be sweeter.  

It is easier to train a male dog; you give them a command and they jump in excited without thinking.  Give a female a command and she wants to think it through first, deciding if there is something in it for her. Females are a little more guarded, when they meet someone for the first time they will stand back and check the person out first.  Males tend to just want to make a new friend and get attention.

I myself have female dogs in the house now, because they are or were breeding dogs.  Back when it was just two dogs my husband was not so excited to have a dog in the house yet and complained that the dogs ignore him and for me around everywhere; he called them shadows. My dogs even waited outside the bathroom door for me to come back out.  I told my husband I was their only care giver and he needed to start taking care of them more. He said, "I go to work at 4:00 AM how can I take care of them."  I said, "Let them outside and fill up their food and water dishes at 4:00AM."  He followed my instructions and ever since he now has three dogs that are his buddies and he is able to love them as much as they love him.  

If you are getting a female puppy take the story to heart as it is the most important thing you can learn about a female Goldendoodle.  You are working with a highly intelligent animal they think and they remember.  Give affection and they will give it back two fold.  A female dog can be affectionate to everyone in the family if everyone in the family is taking part in providing care for the puppy.

This is a good time to point out accidents happen, adults and children can step on a puppy, trip over it and such.  Puppy may cry out and wonder off with its tail between its legs.  If this happens that person should pick up the puppy and love all over it until it starts wagging its tail again.  Puppy and dog's can get their feelings hurt; they need to know they didn't do anything wrong and they are not getting punished or they may shy away from that person.


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