Are Hilltop Pups F1 Goldendoodles healthier than the F1B or multi generations?

The information on the web is vague regarding the health beyond the breeding of F1’s because it varies so much depending on breeder practices.  If a breeder is not health testing their dogs they are crossing their figures and praying to produce puppies with hybrid vigor; which refers to the mating of two different breeds to decrease inherit traits as in the F1 Generation.  In regards to diseases such as PRA, vWD, and GR-PRA both parent dogs must be positive or both carriers for the offspring to have the disease.  This is why DNA health testing is important as only one parent dog needs to be negative of the disease for the off spring to clear of the disease.  All Hilltop Pups’ dogs are fully DNA tested ; so all future generations produced at Hilltop Pups are as healthy as the First Generation “F1”.

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